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Hot off the presses! A new batch of Intergalactic Peace Spirals !


large product photo   The Intergalactic Peace Spiral

Not your ordinary garden ornament, nor merely a spike to keep your hose from plowing up your daffodils, these hand crafted decorations of iron, were made with the sole purpose of promoting intergalactic peace through display in your garden or flowerpot. These can be painted or allowed to naturally turn orange. Either way you are on the track to fostering peace through the entire universe! Some have traveled to all corners of the United States and I would love to see the intergalactic peace spread globally. Soon I plan to infiltrate Austria, The Philippines, and Chile. At a later date I will furnish this web page with a map and photo gallery of all the spirals' whereabouts, and distances from each other. You will also be able to post a photo of yours in action! Please email me a photo if you already have one displayed, and let the networking begin! Maybe someday when the community grows large enough, everyone can donate a dollar and we'll ship one to Mars!

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